Massey Ferguson

Over the past 5 years Massey Ferguson have worked alongside Ratcliffe Fowler in producing a 68 page brochure featuring an apparel & merchandise range, consisting of workwear & casualwear for farmers and fans of the brand in general.


We have now designed and art directed the brochure and photoshoot for the last 5 years in various parts of the country. The 2018/19 shoot took place in the beautiful Peak District and as usual there was a bit of weather dodging, but all part of the fun in shooting outdoors in the UK.


As with most merchandise brochures like this you are often re-using shots from previous years until they achieved sell out so there is always a balance of ‘movings things on’ creatively and aligning the look and feel from previous years. We always try and bring an element of innovation to the layout and this year we re-designed the intro pages aiming to bring in a more editorial feel to the spreads. This was created with overhead lifestyle ‘snapshots’ of the product for each section to give an insight to the overall flavour and style.


The brochure is distributed all over Europe with hi res artwork being condensed into a 3 week period where translations are approved back and forth. over this time. The brochure has been produced digitally aswell as physically over the last 5 years and has become an integral revenue stream for Massey Ferguson and the AGCO group.